Our technology

Zeti is underpinned by Zeti Hub, a robust, proprietary technology platform, which is helping to digitally transform automotive finance.


Zeti Operate

For fleet transport operators to obtain and track finance to expand fleets.

Zeti Invest

For lenders to deploy and manage investment into transport fleets.

Zeti Manage

Our self-service portal for finance providers with access to Zeti's suite of innovations, enabling the efficient management of vehicle financing to fleets and individuals.


Thanks to the user-friendly, customer-facing interfaces of Zeti Hub, lenders and fleet operators enjoy unprecedented transparency around the contracts that they have agreed, allowing them to easily monitor their progress with repayments.

The presence of state-of-the-art telematics equipment in each vehicle allows us to create award-winning innovation, such as our proprietary pay-per-mile finance model. What's more, it helps us to provide all stakeholders with live emission saving figures for sustainability reporting purposes.

Our bespoke billing algorithms and payment processing integrations automate time-consuming processes including invoicing and payment reconciliation. This has been shown generate time savings of up to 70% for personnel managing the portfolio.

Alongside our telematics integrations, we also gather information such as MOT and residual value data from other trusted third-party sources to provide our lenders and fleet operators with unparalleled insight into the live condition and value of the underlying asset.


Zeti processes and stores personal data about Zeti Hub users from customer organisations, and in this respect, it is subject to GDPR. Our Technology and Operations teams follow a robust policy to handle this data.

It is worth noting that Zeti does not currently store or process personal data about the drivers or rental customers of fleet operators, who themselves are customer organisations. Therefore, GDPR does not apply in this respect.

At the moment, the cost of Zeti Hub is included in the origination and service fees payable by lenders on contracts facilitated by Zeti as an organisation.

Zeti Hub integrates with a number of different types of services in order to digitise and automate key automotive processes. These range from telematics suppliers (e.g. GeoTab) payment processing engines (e.g. Stripe), public vehicle maintenance databases (e.g. the UK government's Department for Transport's MOT API) and residual value databases (e.g. Black Book). We continue to add further integrations to improve the customer experience for our lenders and fleet operators.

Zeti Hub primarily uses Stripe for payment processing, with additional integrations built to providers like GoCardless.

When vehicles are deployed as part of a contract that Zeti is managing, either a hardware-based or software-only telematics solution is implemented in order to understand utilisation, location and asset status. This provides both lenders and fleet operators with a number of advantages including utilisation-based financing, financial and sustainability reporting, residual value and battery health monitoring, but to name a few.