Revolutionizing transport finance for good.

We help fleets convert to EVs by making it as simple, easy and transparent as paying for a utility with our patent-pending pay-per-mile financial technology.

Kilograms of CO2 saved


How it works


Accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles across your fleet

We're evolving traditional auto finance and helping forward-thinking fleet operators convert to electric vehicles by making it as simple, easy and transparent as paying for a utility.


Generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns in a new clean asset class comparable to an investment in renewable energy

Zeti acts as a platform for institutional lenders to invest into clean, connected vehicle fleets through a pay-per-mile (or km or kWh) model; managing automated invoicing and payment collection; and real-time financial and sustainability reporting for lenders via our patent-pending digital platform.


Introducing an innovative new financing tool to accelerate sales

Zeti acts as a sales enablement tool to boost zero-emission vehicle sales by allowing your fleet customers the option of paying per mile for vehicle finance, rather than having a fixed monthly cost. Zeti’s software can also be used to deploy your in-house finance, enabling you to offer your own pay-per-mile solution.

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"A particular benefit of Zeti's platform is the pooling of vehicle mileage; with a contracted aggregate mileage across all vehicles, we don’t need to juggle individual cabs to a fixed mileage or end date."

- Asher Moses, Sherbet CEO

"As the UK's largest private hire fleet, we are tech-enabled and growing rapidly. Zeti's fintech platform gives us deep real-time insights into our assets' financing which is valuable data we will use to fuel our expansion beyond our 5000-strong zero-emission fleet in London. We are delighted to partner with Zeti for their financial technology and the MEEF fund to accelerate the roll out of clean vehicles in London.”

- Gurinder Dhillon, Director, Otto Car

Stats at a glance

  • vehicles financed to date

    We’ve been working with customers to enable the deployment of zero and ultra-low emission vehicles.

  • of CO2 avoided

    That's equivalent to 973 homes’ electricity use for one year.*

    *savings at tailpipe (US EPA)

  • of NOx avoided

    Zeti’s model supports the reduction of harmful Nitrous Oxide emissions, improving air quality.*

    *savings at tailpipe (US EPA)

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